Five of the Best Fashion Influencers and How They Inspire Me

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes that we purchase or the designers that we prefer. It isn’t just about the outfits or the photos of those outfits that we share online. It’s not about whether we have a small or a large closet – or a small or large amount of clothes. Fashion is, as a lot of us know, so much more. When I look at bloggers or influencers to follow, I look for someone that either embodies my sense of personal style or someone that inspires me to think outside the box. So, here are five of the best fashion influencers and how they inspire me.

The first fashion influencer that I’m going to list is new. I met her through The Bold Brunette’s Instagram Boot Camp. Vicki Rutwind, of Fashion Travel Repeat is a bold explosion of color with an amazing personality. Vicki is one of those influencers that makes me want to branch out on the color tree.

Not going to lie – she is one of the reasons I added yellow into my spring/summer capsule wardrobe. Her New York and other travel shots inspire me to save up the extra cash (that I’ve been attempting to save with this capsule wardrobe project) and visit places over long weekends.

I should also mention that she makes me wish I could pull of bangs. And, to top if all off, Vicki is such a sweet person! Ok, I could probably go on but let’s move on to the next influencer.

So, the next fashion influencer that I have to put on this list is Michelle Madsen of Take Aim. I love the simple style of her Instagram feed and her sense of personal style inspires me to extend beyond the feminine pieces that I have.

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I’ve already added some casual pieces into my capsule wardrobe (especially since I don’t have to work in the summer) but know that I need to add some more tough vibes. Ok, let’s face it, I probably won’t add in some of those boots that she sports, because I’m not into things that are too chunky, but I’d totally add some of her other fun pieces, like the kimono she wore in early spring or the powder-blue suit she sported during fashion week. Oh, and I love her hair tutorials. I totes copied the tutorial for her famous loose waves.

One influencer that embodies my personal style is Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion. I love how honest she is with her style. I mean, let’s face it, we can’t all look cute 365 days a year. Christine shows us that even athleisure and loose, cozy tees have a permanent place in our closets (and aren’t just gym wear).

I also love it when she dresses up. The dresses that she chooses to wear inspire me when I’m browsing on Rent the Runway. I’ve got a few weddings coming up later this year and I’m definitely looking at some of her Instagram posts for inspo.

And, since I’ve been commenting on the other influencers’ hair, I just have to admit that I’ve love her hair color. I love how good it looks on her skin tone. Now, I just have to get a tan – haha!

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Xenia, of Xenia Overdose, is one of those high fashion influencers that has me giving major love eyes. She’s beautiful, both inside and out, and I would love to wear as little makeup as she does.

I love that her outfits aren’t over-the-top or costume-y. Other than the fact that she wears designers that I could never afford, her personal style is totally wearable. She’s got the perfect street style vibe. She also sports some athleisure looks, which provides her followers with a view of who she really is. And I’ve got to say that she inspires me to keep working out.

Last, but not least (by any means), is Kiara King from Lion in the Wild. I recently found her on Insta and have fallen in love with her travel capsules.

Although she is also fashion and travel-based, Kiara’s sense of style radiates in each of her photos. I love her boho-chic vibes. Her flow-y dresses and casual vibes are perfect – and I love that she consistently wears hats. I can’t wait to keep following her for more fashion and travel shots.

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I definitely think that I’ll scroll down Kiara’s feed in search of some inspo for our Alaskan cruise. She’ll totally help me master that cute but casual vibe I need for a trip like this. I mean, I’ll totally be hiking and kayaking the entire time. Dresses will be worn for dinner or days on the ship.

So, tell me, how many of these fashion influencers are you familiar with? Who are your favorites? How do they inspire you?

PS: The top and pants are from American Eagle. Shop for the mesh tank here and these high-waisted skinnies here. The booties can be found at Nordstrom Rack, here. The purse is from Rent the Runway.

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