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Hats. We all know that there was an insane hat craze this summer. Beautiful boater hats with ribbons tied around them, wide-brimmed hats with words and phrases scrawled over the brim, and chic baseball caps adorned more heads than I can ever remember seeing before.

I followed the craze, grabbing a wide-brimmed, floppy straw hat with the phrase eat. beach. sleep. written in a simple script. Along with that summertime hat, I also chose a monogrammed baseball hat – I mean, I had to sport my new monogram somehow!

I loved wearing them. Either hat instantly elevated my honeymoon outfits, and I felt chic when we wandered around the European cities; but they also had a purpose – they shielded my face from the sun when we lounged by the pool or as we strolled through the hot, hot shorelines of all the places we visited.

But, as the summer season comes to an end, we need to begin shifting the summertime wear into our storage containers or on the top shelves of our closet, and that includes those beautiful straw hats we sported all summer long.

So, for those of us that still want to wear hats, I’ve found five that I think will help us transition to the fall season.

As usual, no item will be above sixty dollars.

Anthropologie’s Gingham Tie-Back Baseball Cap

I absolutely love this tie-back baseball cap. The neutral colors will go with everything, including denim skirts and tee shirts, cute dresses, and graphic tees and black pants.

OMG – I feel like I need this hat to pair with those outfits right now!

Sacred Hawk Fedora from ASOS

Unfortunately, I can’t get a picture from ASOS, but I am in love with the boho vibe of this black fedora. I can totally see myself wearing it with a maxi skirt and a tank or a pair of skinnies and a loose top.

For those that clicked on the image, I have to say that I love the look of the model’s messy waves. It adds something extra to the look, and I’d definitely head out the door with air-dried messy waves (courtesy of salt spray!) when wearing this hat.

Banana Republic’s Straw Hat 

Although this straw hat is made of, well…straw…the navy color of it transitions well into fall. I’d love wearing this with a feminine midi skirt and flats or with a white skinnies and a button-down.

I think it’d be the perfect hat for brunch out with friends or on a stroll in the local gardens, with a camera in hand and a sweet, sweet husband to take pictures of me. (Hint, hint Mr. Smith!)

Oh, and I feel like I should add that this is one of Olivia Palermo’s picks – that means it’s got to be chic, right?! Click on the link (in the subtitle) to check this stunning hat out. You won’t regret it.

Urban Outfitter’s Felt Leather Trim Panama Hat

I love the leather detail on this Panama hat and the color makes it perfect for fall. I’d love to wear this hat while I check off some of my fall bucket list challenges, like finding a pumpkin or running through a local corn maze.

I’ve been wanting to do both of those things since moving to Orlando but Adam and I never seem to find the time to do that. Well, this fall, I’ll be going!

Anyway, this hat would be perfect with some distressed denim (shorts for Florida!)  and a loose, cozy sweater. Perfect pumpkin picking outfit right there…more hints, Mr. Smith.

I’d also love to pair it with bf jeans and an almost wear-to-work blouse. Oh, and a pair of booties. Maybe ones with fringe? Oh YES! Now I’ve got to go to a pumpkin patch!

Forever 21’s Twist Head Wrap

Now, this tie-dye twist head wrap might not be considered a “hat” in your book, but it’s going in mine, as it’s not, in my opinion, the same as a headband. Of course, this image couldn’t be downloaded either, so you’ll have to check it out online; just like the others, click the link in the subheading.

Now I’d definitely wear this to Halloween Horror Nights. It won’t allow any creepy crawlies to hide beyond my field of vision, only to pop out and terrify me; but it still offers that extra little something that transforms a an ordinary top and bottom into an outfit.

For those that are into hats, did you purchase a straw hat this summer? Do you plan on adding a more fall-appropriate alternative this…fall?

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