five fashion mistakes i’ve made and how to avoid them

Fashion. A beautiful form of expression characterized by classic, timeless pieces, and quick, passing trends. Some of these trends will cause nostalgia; others will cause us to crinkle our noses and wonder…why? Even though it’s impossible to know when we’re going to regret our past outfits, there are some fashion mistakes that we can always avoid. Here are five fashion mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them.

Purchasing an item I didn’t like.

Yeah, we’ve all done this. We’ve all purchased an item (or two) that we didn’t actually like. I’ve been guilty of this a lot. However, I don’t do this anymore.

The one way I’ve managed to only purchase items that I love? The Yes or No rule.

The Yes or No rule (which I discussed previously here) is as simple as it sounds. When you’re in the fitting room, spinning back and forth to look at an item from all angles, keep in mind that there are only two options. Yes, you want it and will wear it; or no, you won’t.

There are no if-I-get-a-pair-of-cropped-skinnies-these-will-be-perfect moments. You either have what you need to wear with those ankle booties or you don’t. The end.

So…Yes or No?

Purchasing an item that didn’t fit.

I know that some of us are good about going to our tailor to ensure that our clothes fit properly but, if you’re like me, that doesn’t happen.

To be honest, the first time I tailored something was the romper I wore in NYC for my birthday. Ok…let me be honest. I’ve been to the tailor before…to alter my wedding gown.

Anyway, if you don’t visit a tailor, you have no choice but to get items that fit. The worst things I’ve done: purchase something without trying it on, get a pair of shoes that are a half-size too big, and pretend that a trend (talking about you, little green shift dress) looks good on me.

In the end, we won’t wear them. Or we’ll wear them and regret it later.

Keep in mind your body type and shape. You know what looks best on you. Stick with it.

Taking part in a trend that wasn’t me.

There are a lot of great trends out there right now; the all-red trend is one of those. However, it isn’t me. I hardly wear the color red (mostly just for relevant holidays) and know that I won’t make the mistake of purchasing an all-red outfit.

But I wasn’t always cognizant of who I was.

And that caused me to take part in trends that didn’t really express who I was.

Even though I still think my sense of style is evolving, I do know when to stop and when to say no. Even though a trend is super cool or popular (e.g. Ugg boots or those fur-covered sandals), it doesn’t mean we have to take part in it in order to be stylish.

Splurging on an item I wouldn’t wear again.

Yep, we’ve probably all done this too. I’m specifically speaking about the dresses I’ve purchased for special events, like a wedding I went to when Adam and I started dating and the white dress I wore to my bridal shower.

I did love those pieces, they fit, and they both represented who I am; however, they were both items I spent quite a bit of money on…and I won’t ever wear them again. And there’s nothing worse than precious closet space being taken up by items that will get no use.

But what do we do? Use a rental service.

Rent the Runway is the perfect service for this kind of one-time event. You won’t be stuck wearing the same dress over and over again, it’s less than purchasing a new dress for each event, and the pieces are designer.

I mean, who doesn’t love all of that?!

Being afraid of mixing patterns or textures.

So the last four mistakes were all about spending money on things we don’t need or shouldn’t have purchased. This one is a mistake you might be making right now – and it doesn’t have to do with wasted cash.

Mixing patterns and textures is def. ok to do – and, in fact, I encourage it.

This is the perfect way to liven up that old floral item you love (pair it with stripes). Or pair a large print with a small one. Oh, and I love pairing thick stripes with little polka dots.

All of these, plus much more, are simple ways to take chances (that actually work!) and re-wear items in a different way. Believe me, the first time you mix patterns it’ll be scary. But it’s so fun!

So tell me…what’s a fashion mistake you’ve made?

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