fashion essential: stripes

Ah, stripes, a great fashion staple and should be in each woman’s closet. This true fashion essential is not dependent on a woman’s personal fashion sense, will never cease to be on trend, and can be worn as various pieces.

No matter what kind of fashion sense a woman has, there will be stripes for her. Take thin, black and white stripes paired with a red mini skirt and cute sneaks: I’d think about a comfortable, Parisian chic vibe. Pair a red and blue striped top with khakis: I’d be reminded of the preps I used to attend school with. Sport a vintage band tee with some striped pants: I’d imagine rocker chic. Oh, and pair a striped top with checkered or floral pants: I’d envision a fun, pair of colorful shoes and the matching attitude of a woman with a strong sense of fashion.

No matter what kind of woman – whether boho, prep, classic, glam, or athletic – there’s a stripe out there for her.

This pattern, along with various others, will never be off trend. I love that stripes can be hidden in drawers or shoved in the backs of closets for a season or two; but then we can pull them out again and it’s like time hasn’t passed. That same shirt we bought two seasons ago is the love of our lives once more. And pairing this classic with trendier pieces is something I love to do. Whether thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, stripes are going to be around.


Who else loves The Sandlot?

Ok, the last reason stripes are a closet essential? This pattern can be worn as various pieces. I’ve got striped shirts, a pair of striped pants, and a pair of striped shoes. I’ve even got a striped scarf, which I wore on a recent “cold” morning around town.

On the morning of this little photo shoot (outside in the parking garage!) I picked out a blue and red striped shirt and tucked it into a pair of high-waisted skinnies. Since Adam and I were going to be walking around, I picked out the trusted pair of Vans, a crossbody, and tossed my hair into a pony.

I loved the casual vibe I was sporting, because I do tend to dress up more. I guess I’m a mix of casual and dressed up. I find it hard to be in between.

So who out there loves stripes as much as me? Tell me, what’s your favorite way to wear stripes? Or do you prefer other patterns instead (polka dots, plaid, gingham)?

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