Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

For those that aren’t familiar with the weather in Florida, it’s almost like an eternal summer. Although I can wear jeans during the afternoons now, I’m still sporting tees or tanks and sandals. It doesn’t tend to get cold until far later in the season but I’ve begun feeling this new desire to attempt a specific, numbered-items capsule. You know, the more traditional kinds (with the extra little RtR Unlimited spin to it, of course). So, I’m going to build a fall/winter capsule wardrobe.


So, those that have been around for some time know I’m super nontraditional with the capsule that I have now. I kind of have this year round version of one, with no specific number of items (when I add one I remove one) and no real rules. I continue with my Rent the Runway subscription and go shopping sometimes. I don’t count shoes or bags (or other accessories for that matter) in the total. I do, however, keep a strict color scheme.

But none of that is what inspired me to implement a traditional capsule. The inspiration came from a new blogger I started to follow: Shelby from Pretty in the Pines. She has this great post on her fall capsule here, as well as a super fun video that shows off all the outfits here.

I think it might have been the video, showing all of the outfit ideas that did it for me. Most often, on capsule graphics, we just see pictures of the items. While that’s important, it’s the outfits that are the most important piece of a capsule; showing them helps the reader envision all of the outfits that can be created.

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I guess it’s time to get to the good stuff: the fall/winter capsule that I’ll be creating. I’ve decided to go with 33 items, including all clothes, shoes, and accessories. Since I have to plan this wardrobe while keeping Florida weather in mind, I’m going to use Rent the Runway for outerwear and/or warmer sweaters as needed. Basically, it’ll be used for the weddings that I have in November, other special occasions, layering, and Instagram shots – I mean, I might need to stand in the middle of an empty field in a ball gown…

Ok, I don’t have that kind of Instagram, even if I wish I did.

I plan on keeping this capsule for three months, from mid-November to mid-Feb. It isn’t typically very cold during these months but it does get quite cold in February (for a good week or two) before warming back up.

After the three months are over, I’ll draft another post, reviewing this more traditional approach to capsules.


Ah, this is the most difficult part for me. I’ve been looking around and thinking about this for a while and think that I’d like to branch out some (for me, that is).

I’ve planned on going with black, camel, cream, denim, wine, and blush. Part of me wanted to add a dark green in there but I fear that I’ll look too Christmas-ish if I’m wearing tons of red and green. If I find that, as I finish purchasing items, I need to add in that beautiful shade of evergreen, then I’ll add it in there.

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I’m still waiting for the items to come in, so I can try them on; then I’ll add a post with the specific items and outfits. What if I post my first video?! Ok, there are definitely no guarantees for that. Videos are hard work.

For now, though, I’m going to list some of the things that I purchased. First, I purchase various items from ExpressAmerican EagleForever 21, and H&M. I also have a few older items, particularly shoes from Nordstrom Rack.

In the wardrobe I have seven tops: three sweaters and four tees/long-sleeve tees. I have six bottoms: three skinnies in various colors and skirts; one is a mini, one is a midi, and one is a maxi. I have three dresses and one jumpsuit, and three pairs of shoes. Lastly, I have two outerwear items, three pairs of shoes, and one bag. In total, this is only 23 items. I still have a few more pieces to get.

I know that at least one of those is going to be another bag. I also have my eye on some over-the-knee boots from Zara. I have a structured, leather pair right now but really want some of those suede ones.

Well, for now, we’re gonna have to wait to see which particular items end up win the wardrobe. Who’s excited to see what I’ve got? I know I am!


  1. Vicki Rutwind

    Can’t wait to see the looks you create!

    • jsmithBlogger

      Thanks! Some of the things I ordered have to go back so I have to rearrange some things before I can start posting.

  2. perfectlyclaudia

    I adore this! I love a few good, cosy, staple items! My autumn colour scheme is quite Nordic – whites, pastel pinks, grey! I love it!

    • jsmithBlogger

      Oooo! This sounds fantastic! I was wandering around the mall after taking some things back. Rust was everywhere and I am now obsessed. Wish I had added it to my palette! However, I’m pretty close to being done, so I can’t start over!

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