Fall-Inspired Salad

I love cooking (even though I’m not that great at it). I’ve been attempting recipes for as long as I can remember and some are good, while others are not so good. It’s been some time since I’ve tested something new but, when I made plans with a friend to watch the season finale of Supernatural, I figured it was the perfect opportunity. Since Florida doesn’t feel like fall – and not for some time either! – I decided that I would have to bring fall to Florida through food. So, I opted for a fall-inspired salad.


As usual, I had to get this recipe from somewhere else and, as usual, I changed something. Most often, I change things because I want to or choose to. This time, I had no choice.

This original Harvest Chicken and Sweet Potato Salad required some tahini, which I couldn’t find anywhere. Oh, and I can’t forget the cranberries, which I was informed wouldn’t come in until November.

Ok, so when I state that I couldn’t find these things anywhere, I mean that I just went to Publix and couldn’t find them there (I might have found tahini or fresh cranberries at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods); but, while I was at Publix, wandering around all of the aisles in search of tahini, I didn’t think about that.

Instead, I ended up Googling alternatives for tahini and chose almond butter. And then I decided on dried instead of frozen cranberries – I ended up liking the dried cranberries a lot too!

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All in all, the recipe was simple to follow. I didn’t run into problems (except when I forgot to chop the parsley and had to rush to add it at the end) while making it. The whole house smelled like fall and cinnamon when I was cooking. It went perfectly with our apple cinnamon candles and our spooky Supernatural evening.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Supernatural for a second. This is the first time that I’ve watched the show and I’m seeing why everyone is so in love. Sam and Dean are super dreamy – I really love Dean! – and the show is exciting! I haven’t seen episode one of season two yet but I am excited for it!


Obvi, I don’t know how the recipe would taste with the tahini but it tasted pretty darn good with the almond butter. As I made the salad dressing, the smell of it seemed a bit off, which worried me, but it all came together, quite well too. All parties stated that the meal was good – and Adam was pleasantly surprised by how much he liked it. He gave it a rating of a 9 (which is quite high for something so healthy!) so I might attempt to find some more recipes like this.

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One thing that makes me feel as though this recipe is noteworthy is the fact that it’s a Whole 30 meal. I have never stuck to a diet for more than, like, two weeks (I once attempted to go paleo) and won’t end up attempting the Whole 30 phenomenon because I can’t cook this much all the time. But, if Adam and I ever decide to attempt something together, I don’t think I’d mind this.

All in all, I’m pretty darn please with this recipe. It’s got no added sugar, is not carb-heavy like a lot of what we eat, and was not bland – at all. Adam liked it, I liked it, and I even think my dad (who is quite picky) would like it.

Who knows…maybe it’ll make an appearance at a family dinner this fall. It’s the perfect recipe for a cozy evening in or a nice get-together. I mean, that’s what fall is all about, right?


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  1. Vicki

    This salad looks so good for fall! I really need to cook more!! This is good motivation for me!

    • jsmithBlogger

      I am an awful cook so, if I am successful, I know you will be too!

  2. perfectlyclaudia

    Oooh this sounds yum! I may give it a go, but swapping the chicken for roasted pumpkin! Nom nom!

    Claudia xo

    • jsmithBlogger

      That sounds absolutely amazing!

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