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As many of you know, I am super fond of renting clothes. I love how it adds some variety to my wardrobe while keeping my closet space in a good place. I am one of those strange people that wants a bit of space between each of the hangers. One of the options I have used is Express Style Trial.


Express Style Trial is a rental service from Express that costs $70 per month.. Through this service, customers are able to rent three items at a time (with no commitments). This service is just like other rental services; the clothes arrive on your doorstep, you wear them, and then return them in the pre-labeled package. Or, if you fall in love with any of the items, you can keep them. For the items that you do want to return, you don’t need to wash the items either. All that is taken care of.

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I’ve used other rental services and there are some key differences between them and Express Style Trial. The first (and most obvious) difference is that this service only sends clothes from their brand. With Express Style Trial, the customer builds their dream closet and is able to heart items that they would prefer Express to send first (or in their next shipment).

However, with Express Style Trial, the customer receives only three items at a time, and all three items must be sent back at the same time.


I used Express Style Trial for a few months; however, I did end up cancelling the service and switching back to Rent the Runway. I opted to do this for several reasons.

First, I prefer to send various items back at different times. Sometimes, items don’t fit or I don’t prefer them. If given the chance I like to send them back as soon as I can, whether that’s walking over to the UPS down the street the same afternoon or dropping the items off the next morning. It was difficult for me to keep using Express Style Trial because, if an item didn’t fit, I felt like I didn’t get the full value of that shipment.

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Second, while I love the clothes from Express, I felt as though the items I had to choose from included a ton of office-wear or going out clothes. I far prefer items that are more casual in nature. Button downs are nice but they aren’t a huge staple in my closet; the same goes for items that one wears on a night out.

While I used Express Style Trial, I found myself missing the fun, boho looks on other clothing rental sites. When I actually browsed the sites in search of the items that were missing from my closet (and my heart), I knew it was time to make a change.

Third, I love the opportunity to wear items that I wouldn’t normally buy (mostly due to price). Being able to carry around an amazing designer bag that I don’t currently own or wearing a stunning dress from a designer I love is something that brings out the woman that is dreaming of couture.

Overall, I loved trying out Express Style Trial. Renting clothing is an amazing option for those that want to keep a smaller wardrobe while experimenting with items out of their comfort zone, whether that be colors, patterns, or even more. If you’re interested in spending less than the cost of the Rent the Runway service, the Express Style Trial is an absolute must-try.

Do any of you use a rental service? If so, which one do you use?

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