exploring sete, france

Sete, the Venice of France, is a beautiful and quiet town. The morning that we stopped there was cooler. The air was humid and the fog rolled down off Mont Saint Clair in thick waves.

Man, I’m in a writing mood! I’ve got the descriptive words going this morning (prob. because I’m going to write more when I’m done with this).

Anyway, our stop here was filled with a super fun adventure (which included hiking up a ton of stairs to get to the top of Mont Saint Clair – something I told Adam I’d never do after our hike up Gros Piton in Saint Lucia) and some beautiful pictures.

We reached Sete in the early morning. When Adam and I walked around the deserted streets, exploring the canals and admiring all of the little boats, there was no one to be found. The coffee shops were still closed. Croissants were still being baked. Nothing was open.

So, we headed to a little park, where some local artists sat quietly, sketching or painting. Their chairs were situated in a half-moon shape as their eyes moved between paper and object.

And the object that they were looking at was this “cave”. Since it was the main feature/landmark of the park, Adam and I took a few shots as well. Although, I’d like to look at the sketches too.

The park, though perfect, was quaint and Adam and I were here for just a few moments before we headed back out into the streets and canals, camera in hand while we searched for the way up to Mont Saint Clair.

The streets of Sete were some of my favorites. There was an endless amount of beautiful doors, which (for those that don’t know me) I like to “collect” along our journeys. I’ll post all of those at the end for you.

Eventually, we made our way down the right path; although, to be honest, I’m not sure if we were legitimately using the correct path.

Nonetheless, we made our way up to the top of Mont Saint Clair…only to find out that we wouldn’t be able to take beautiful shots of the streets below. The fog was so thick, you couldn’t see anything!

But that didn’t bring us down!

We took a ton of great shots of both of us along the way. And, to be honest, climbing another set of innumerable stairs made me so proud.

It might seem like a stupid thing to be proud of but I’m not athletic – and I didn’t lie when I told Adam I was done hiking – but I wanted to go up to the top of Mont Saint Clair (since that’s one of the top things to do in Sete); and I did it. I made it. Woohoo!

When we got back down, the sun was beginning to peak out through the clouds and the canal waters started to turn that familiar Mediterranean blue. It was a beautiful thing to see before we got back on the boat.

Oh…and all those doors?! I know how badly you want to see them. Here they are:

So, for those that haven’t visited the south of France, or France at all, I’d def. recommend taking a quick trip to Sete. The quiet streets and (I imagine) the views from the top of Mont Saint Clair are stunning.

Plus, the doors are so beautiful, you can’t just walk by, ignoring them. You take them in for a moment, which makes you wonder about the life or the home that’s behind it.

Oh, and I hear the beaches are beautiful. I guess I’ll have to go back on a not-so-foggy day!

Soooo…did you like my edits more? I purchased a wonderful set of Lightroom Presets – and I’m so happy with the investment!

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