exploring ile de bendor

Upon entering France, Adam and I ended up at Bandol. This little port was filled (shocking, I know) with gorgeous sailboats and mini-yachts. Adam and I loved looking around Bandol but I had my heart set on exploring Ile de Bendor.

Ile de Bendor is a little, almost-secluded island with a hotel, restaurants, and a beautiful path with lots of little spots that lead down to the water.

There’s a scuba diving school (if I’m remembering right) and a lot of people were hanging out on the rocks, snorkeling gear in hand.

To get from Bandol to Ile de Bendor isn’t difficult; there’s a ferry that takes passengers back and forth. And when we arrived, I was definitely not disappointed.

Adam and I strolled around, exploring the quaint island, falling in love with all of the beautiful florals and greenery, and vowing that we’d be back to stay in the beautiful Hotel Delos.

We couldn’t get in to see the hotel, but loved the secluded beauty of Ile de Bendor so much that we plan on coming back (and learning basic french before then too!).

Let’s clarify that: as we strolled around in the early morning, we realized that no one was able to speak English, which is totes understandable; however, after exploring some other ports beforehand, in which we encountered people that knew basic English, Adam and I had a little trouble adjusting.

When we ended up stopping at a one of the restaurants I had to pull out (and download!) Google Translate so that we were able to order our food.

Check out the snap that Adam snuck when I was attempting to use Google Translate under the table.

After nomming on our brunch, Adam and I set off for the rest of the island, walking around the outer edge, finding lots of good climbing rocks (for Adam) and a beautiful garden (for me).

I ended up pairing a some old shorts with a loose, tropical top. I had a bikini on underneath, because we hoped to find a nice spot to spread our towels and catch some sun.

We ended up doing this after getting back to Bandol, because there was no way I was going to navigate the rocky coastline to get to the water. Have I ever mentioned how uncoordinated I am?

But, before we left, we stumbled upon this little piece of Venice. And from nearby, we snapped these beautiful shots of Bandol.

Bandol, and Ile de Bendor, was the perfect stop for or our first time in France. I can’t wait to get back and hope to visit Paris next time. Ohhh, and the champagne region!!!

Where would you visit?

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