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The weather in Orlando has been cold – and no, not when compared to the rest of the United States right now, but still cold to us. This means, we’ve been piling on the coats and sweaters. When searching for things to wear from the best subscription box in the world I stumbled upon the best cropped sweatshirt.

When I saw this Cynthia Rowley Cali York sweatshirt on Rent the Runway, I knew I had to test it out. The first reason I chose it was because I’d never paired black and navy before (to be honest, I’ve always been too hesitant to) and the second was because I saw Marianna Hewitt of Life with Me wearing it in pink.

I ended up pairing the sweatshirt with some black leggings and my brand new Sperry Duck Boots. I got these boots from Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, I can’t find these exact ones on their site but you can scroll through what they have here.

I chose to get these as part of what I’ll be taking to Breckenridge in February, for my very first ski trip. I did hope that South Carolina would be the second state to cross off my list, but it doesn’t seem like it will be. That’s ok, though. I’ll go to Breckenridge first!

I ended up wearing this outfit for a morning of errand-running. I ended up hanging out with friends later that evening and loved being cozy and warm in this sweatshirt.

For those that are interested in purchasing the Cali York Sweatshirt, it can be purchased on either the RtR site or here. I’d def. recommend it to those that love the cropped fit. It was super soft and warm, and I felt stylish even though I was dressed quite casually.

So who out there loves wearing casual clothing? I love it, especially when I don’t feel underdressed, which is exactly how I felt in this outfit.

Love or hate this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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