Pinning recipes is a favorite past time. I love searching for beautiful cakes, colorful smoothies, and delicious dinners. However, even though I love to browse recipes, purchase cookbooks, and plate items so that it’s pretty, I have a confession: I love to cook but I’m bad at it.

Now, I’m going ahead with this confession because I’ve got a big plan. I’m going to include recipes that I’ve tried and recipes that Adam and I love, along with pictures documenting the success/disaster.

I hope to, one day, expand this to a hilarious YouTube channel, documenting the woes that I manage to face in the kitchen. It’s tough, admitting that I shouldn’t be allowed to cook the important meals (Adam cooks Valentine’s dinner and we have yet to host a holiday – thank goodness!) but I’m hoping that practice…begins to make perfect.

I’m also admitting this because, in full disclosure, just because I can’t manage to make something taste good doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

How do I know this?

I once cooked a pot roast (a simple CrockPot recipe) that was super delicious. The second time I cooked it, using the same exact recipe I might add, it wasn’t as good. I don’t know if the cut of meat was different or if I can’t actually measure spices appropriately, but it was bad enough for Adam to ask me not to cook it again.

This request from Adam happens quite frequently and, despite the fact that he reminds me how awful I am in the kitchen, he graciously allows me to keep trying. The experience typically starts with a side-eyed smile from him as I pile the ingredients on the counter.

Then, he’ll walk in the kitchen and check on me. He’ll usually offer to help but I’ll brush him off because, honestly, I’m having a good time. I always hate cooking after a hard day at work but end up enjoying it.

Cooking is relaxing. It’s enjoyable, even those times I have to force a jar of something-or-other open or press all my weight on the blade to cut something.

Is it really that awful?

No. It isn’t. There are quite a few things I’m good at cooking. I can make some great pancakes. Oh, and I have mastered bacon. I’m also good at getting our fries nice and crisp (it took a few tries in our new oven but I’ve got it!). I also make a good pesto-roni pizza.

This recipe will be the first that I show, since it’s simple and there’s no chance in hell I’ll screw it up.

I mean, I have to start out with a success first, right?!

The second recipe that I’ll cook is also something that I’m good at making: edible cookie dough. It’s another simple and delicious recipe and, since Adam hasn’t had his treasured cookie dough in a while, I’ll have to make him some.

Even though I’ve got a few other recipes up my sleeve – thanks, Mom and Dad! – I’m going to keep testing out more things. I’ll keep things honest, include a section with Adam’s review (aka did he ask me not to make it again), and document with photos along the way.

Is it ever so bad you can’t eat it?

Nope. We’ve always managed to choke down (just kidding, we never have to force ourselves to eat it!) what I’ve managed to almost-ruin. If we ever have to, I’ll be sure to share some stories on Instagram, and we’ll make some frozen food or order some food from one of our favorite restaurants.

Oh man, I’m really starting to get excited for our foodventure. And, even if it’s in a weird way, I do hope that you enjoy what I’ve got to say about cooking. I’ve begun to pin some summer recipes and I’ve flipped through that Chrissy Teigen cookbook I purchased (on a whim) a while ago. We’ve got some fun recipes to test out together and – hopefully, one day! – will share some laughs along the way.

Are there some recipes that I should try out? If so, include a link below. I’d love to hear from you.

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