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Express Dress | BCBG Fur Cardi
Coach Clutch (old; similar here and love this)

On Sunday, I was able to attend a wonderful event, Concours Live, at the Sanford International Airport. This fundraising event helps to support multiple local and state organizations.

Those that love luxury vehicles, including beautiful cars, boats, and planes get to hang out around the luxe belongings of the rich and famous while sipping on wine and nomming on snacks.

The last time I went to this event, I wasn’t prepared (weather-wise); so, this time, I made sure to pick up a warm dress. Now, I normally would have rented one via Rent the Runway, but there wasn’t enough time. I didn’t find out I was going until a few days prior…and I still hadn’t sent the previous rentals back.

So I went to the mall and searched through all of the petite sections in all the stores (ok, not really but it felts like it!) and found what I was looking for at Express.

Of course, I knew that I’d be cold so I went out in search of a fur (or faux fur) coat. All of the ones I tried on were too big on me, but I wouldn’t give up. So, I went where I wouldn’t normally go…I ventured into BCBG.

Of course, I found what I was looking for; and, even though it’s super expensive, I knew it was time to splurge (plus, it was 40% off!!). I guess I can add outerwear to the list of things that’re ok to splurge on, huh?

When we got there, we grabbed a drink in the VIP lounge, where we sat on some comfortable furniture, sipped on our drinks, and snacked on delicious gourmet cheese.

Ok, it might not have been gourmet…but it was good.

I don’t wear much make up (I love blush, though!) but did put on my Napa LipSense because I knew it would stay on all night. I didn’t even have to check to make sure it wasn’t smudged. The best thing about LipSense is that it stays on your lips, no matter what.

Also, I don’t ever (not often, at least) do much to my hair. I’ve been letting it air dry and, thankfully, it’s been doing what I need/want it to do.

Anyway, after hanging out in the VIP lounge, we went out to admire all of the luxury items we wish we owned. I kept hinting at my new car – an Audi…haha!!! – but don’t plan on getting a new one any time soon.

Can we all take a moment to admire that Kira Kira + app, please!? I downloaded it last night and am obsessed. This is the perfect time of year to use it and I simply can’t wait to take advantage of it.

The best part of the night, I think, was when they started the engine on that silver beauty, the Packard Royal Streamliner. A friend of ours was taking a picture with her husband right when the engine started. It ended in a priceless photo and some fun memories!

Head to the FB page to check out the video!

So who out there loves luxury cars and charities? I think it’s the perfect combo and I hope to go back next year!

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