Chorizo Street Tacos

Well, ladies and gents, I did it. I let Adam choose a recipe. And, after he pretended to ignore me while I called out ideas (including ideas revolving around sausage, watermelon, and cookie dough), he ended up mentioning chorizo street tacos. After telling me all about his former chorizo breakfast hash recipe (that he hasn’t ever cooked for me – how rude!), he informed me that I could find chorizo in those “long sausage packages” at Publix. So, I went out in search of the famed chorizo, pulling some ideas from his breakfast hash in order to make some chorizo street tacos.


For a long while, Adam and I were consistent with “celebrating” Taco Tuesday. However, as with all great trends (that happen over and over and over again) we got tired of it. We haven’t had a legit taco Tuesday since last year. But, with this new idea, came an even better one: the reinstatement of Taco Tuesday!

Obviously, there’s no better way to reinstate Taco Tuesday than with a new recipe. So on Monday, after running some errands, I stopped at Publix in search of some stuff. I picked up most of the ingredients pretty quickly, like the avo, tortillas, and onion. However, when I got to the chorizo, things got a little complicated.

That whole long-sausage-package chorizo that Adam told me about didn’t exist. In fact, the only chorizo was shoved into sausage links (to be eaten like hotdogs on a bun). So, I guess it was kind of the same, just in short-sausage-packages. After the men behind the meat counter kindly split the package for me (I took 3 links instead of the 5).


Well, as I stated before, I’m not the best chef…and my attempt at making this recipe was total proof. Why am I stating this? Well, we do not have nonstick pans. In fact, we have stainless steel, and I still haven’t quite figured them out. I’ve done the research, watched YouTube tutorials, and watched Adam use them with no problem; but I can’t manage to cook something without it sticking to the bottom.

At one point, I turned around and yelled toward Adam (not at him) in frustration, asking him why the hell we don’t have nonstick. I mean, am I right or am I right?! Nonetheless, the meal came together just fine and the dishes weren’t even hard to clean. (I’d say that’s a small win!)

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Well, Adam gave this recipe a seven out of ten. He liked the meal, overall, but stated that the chorizo didn’t actually taste like chorizo. He said that it was supposed to be more red and greasier.

I guess I admit that it didn’t taste too much like the chorizo I’ve had in the past. So, here are some recommendations.

First, purchase some “real” chorizo. Second, use a nonstick pan because the potatoes really stick to stainless steel! And third, keep in mind how much you eat (because Adam and I ended up only eating two tacos each and there was quite a bit left).

So, tell me, would you make chorizo street tacos?

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