Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Adam and I love sweet snacks, so much so that we don’t keep a lot of sweet snacks in the house. I’ll purchase his favorites – Oreos and Oatmeal Cream Pies – once in a while, but tend to skip the snacks altogether on most weeks. Since I’ve started this Kayla Itsine’s BBG program, I’ve decided that Adam and I need some healthier options around. Even though these chocolate chip oatmeal bars aren’t the best for us, I’m starting out with this simple recipe.

I’m unsure if you’ve been able to read my confession, but I’m not the best cook in the world – gasp! However, even though I’m not the best chef, I love testing out new recipes.

Therefore, when I found this simple one (that take just ten minutes to prepare!) I couldn’t say no. After gathering the ingredients, I got to work. In an attempt to ensure that I was focused enough to take beautiful photographs post-cooking, I opted to skip all those fake-but-kind-of-real photos that make cooking look unnecessarily messy.

I promise to take some mid-cooking shots for future recipes, as I’m hoping to share more than one with you.


I don’t opt for intricate, hour-long recipes that end up in me sprawled out across the floor, my head in my hands because I couldn’t get the sauce right.

I vow to only provide the recipes that are successes (even though I might just post some failed attempts for the fun of it). Because, who doesn’t love a good, old Pinterest fail? I’m sure I’ve got a ton of those up my sleeve.

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So, I promised that I’d add Adam’s seal of approval/disapproval on each recipe. Since Adam has already tried these little oatmeal bars, I’m gonna add his two cents in.

For each recipe, there’s the possibility of earning five stars; so, along with his words of wisdom, he’ll give stars out for each attempt or failed attempt at cooking.

So, for this recipe, he said (and I quote) that he’d give the chocolate chip oatmeal bars a “5, considering it’s an oat bar”. When compared to “something like cheesecake or chocolate chip cookies” though, it fails.

I guess the idea of a sweet, healthier snack wasn’t the best…but, for those interested in the recipe, please feel free to snag it below.


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