Chicken, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Pasta

Since summer’s here, and I’m working out in the mornings (rather than having to wait until I get home) I’ve been testing out some of the recipes that I’ve pinned. This time, I’ve got a spin on this date night mushroom pasta with goat cheese, which I found one evening while scrolling through Pinterest (as I tend to do when I take a break from Instagram). As usual, I change things up, so keep reading to find out more about our chicken, mushroom, and goat cheese pasta.


Well, since Adam is a huge meat eater (he’s more like a carnivore than an omnivore), I had to add in some meat. I chose to add some diced chicken breast. I also removed the spinach, as Adam needs to limit his intake of calcium oxalate. What we ended up with, was a delicious sounding mixture of chicken, mushrooms, and goat cheese.


Well, if you know anything about my attempt at cooking, you know that I try my hardest and that it doesn’t always come out as planned. When I first pinned this, I said to myself: this is freaking pasta…how could one ruin that? But one can “ruin” (ok, I didn’t ruin them, but it didn’t go the way I imagined it) potatoes in a skillet on the stove. Believe me, if I don’t stand over the boiling water, staring at it like a hawk, it will boil over and make a horrible mess. So, needless to say, this dish could be ruined – and I’d be the one to do it.

BUT, this time, I didn’t ruin anything. Because I’m awesome!

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Ok, I should probably chill for a second. Yes, this dish came out well but I did have to kind of tweak a few things as I was cooking. For one, the goat cheese that I purchased was spreadable. I ended up using it as part of the mixture (kind of like mac and cheese), while also “crumbling” (if spreadable cheese can crumble) the rest and adding it as a garnish when served.

To be honest, I find that the spreadable goat cheese does not make a good garnish. I mean, the photo looks ok but I’m sure it could look a whole lot better.

At least I’m just a budding food photographer. I’ll keep learning these things as time goes on, right?!

Ok, so, when all was said and done, this chicken, mushroom, and goat cheese pasta was pretty darn tasty. And, in my personal opinion, I think that adding in the spinach (even if just for the color) would make it better – and better looking. For those that don’t have to watch their intake of foods like spinach, I’d recommend tossing some in towards the end of the cooking process.

Now, when Adam tried it, I was a bit nervous. If you look at the original recipe, I kind of tweaked it a bit. However, it smelled good and I knew I couldn’t have ruined it that much. And…I didn’t! He gave it a nine out of ten!

The one thing he had to say? He told me that it would’ve been a lot better if I had cooked some bacon, chopped it up, and sprinkled it on the top. See! He is a carnivore!

So, what do you think? Think you’ll try out my version or stick with the original?


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