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  • Caille Blanc Villa

    St. Lucia is a stunning island that I've had the pleasure of visiting twice. Even writing this post makes me want to book a flight back. Last June, at the same exact time as this, Adam and I headed there with our families. That trip was one of the most memorable I've ever been on because, on June 7th, we got married. The best thing about our return to Soufriere was the stunning residence we rented: Caille Blanc Villa.

  • Five Reasons to Choose Seabourn

    Adam and I tend to book one long trip in the summertime. This year, we're choosing to board an Alaskan cruise. The cruise line that we use (and will continue to use - prob. forever!) is Seabourn. Adam and I booked our previous Seabourn cruise last summer. This cruise went around the Mediterranean and it was sooo beautiful. Obviously, Adam and I loved our first Seabourn cruise, because we're back at it - and prepped to board the Seabourn Sojourn in late June, which is why I'll be telling you five reasons to choose Seabourn.