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  • Churro Waffles

    One of my favorite meals is breakfast. On most weekends, Adam and I have pancakes and bacon for brunch. Not both weekend mornings – of course! – but it’s definitely a breakfast staple around here. While we don’t mind our routine, I decided that I needed a little change. So ...

  • Confession: I Love to Cook but I’m Bad at It

    Pinning recipes is a favorite past time. I love searching for beautiful cakes, colorful smoothies, and delicious dinners. However, even though I love to browse recipes, purchase cookbooks, and plate items so that it's pretty, I have a confession: I love to cook but I'm bad at it.

  • Fall-Inspired Salad

    I love cooking (even though I'm not that great at it). I've been attempting recipes for as long as I can remember and some are good while others are not so good. It's been some time since I've tested something new but, when I made plans with a friend to watch the season finale of Supernatural, I figured it was the perfect opportunity. Since Florida doesn't feel like fall - not for some time either! - I decided that I would have to bring fall to Florida through food. So, I opted for a fall-inspired salad.

  • Two Key Benefits of Winc

    You all know that I love to test out new recipes, like these pancakes or this pasta. And I'm sure you all know that, deep down, I can't really cook that well (read all about that here). However, one thing I'm good at? Choosing wine options that Adam and I both love. On most occasions, we have to run out to the store before seeing our friends (either to pick up some wine for our place or grab some for theirs), and we stare at the overwhelming rows of bottles until we pick one - often because of the label, name, or wine region. Well, I've started something that can stop those last minute wine runs and the endless staring because there are too many options. Winc, an amazing wine subscription, has all that I could ever dream of. With it, I feel like I'm part of an exclusive wine club, and I've come with three key benefits of Winc.

  • Chicken, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Pasta

    Since summer’s here, and I’m working out in the mornings (rather than having to wait until I get home) I’ve been testing out some of the recipes that I’ve pinned. This time, I’ve got a spin on this date night mushroom pasta with goat cheese, which I found one evening ...

  • Chorizo Street Tacos

    Well, ladies and gents, I did it. I let Adam choose a recipe. And, after he pretended to ignore me while I called out ideas (including ideas revolving around sausage, watermelon, and cookie dough), he ended up mentioning chorizo street tacos. After telling me all about his former chorizo breakfast hash recipe (that he hasn't ever cooked for me - how rude!), he informed me that I could find chorizo in those "long sausage packages" at Publix. So, I went out in search of the famed chorizo, pulling some ideas from his breakfast hash in order to make some chorizo street tacos.

  • Overnight Oats

    Oh man ladies and gents (but prob ladies!) I've just tried some overnight oats. And it all started with a Quaker experiment...ok, it wasn't exactly an experiment. Long story short, I saw the Quaker Overnight Oats sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to see them (the oats were above my head so I never noticed them before - haha!). I took them home, along with a container of almond milk and prepped Adam with an if-we-like-these-I'm-going-to-make-a-recipe speech.

  • Banana Protein Pancakes

    Breakfast: the most important meal of the ENTIRE DAY. I love breakfast, including breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Since I've been working on being healthier (I am 30, after all), I was excited when I stumbled upon a banana protein pancakes recipe. I ended up searching for one when I realized I had some super ripe bananas that I didn't want to throw out. I've had banana pancakes before (like the 3 ingredient kind) but had never had banana protein ones. So, naturally, I had to test it out.

  • Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

    Adam and I love sweet snacks, so much so that we don't keep a lot of sweet snacks in the house. I'll purchase his favorites - Oreos and Oatmeal Cream Pies - once in a while, but tend to skip the snacks altogether on most weeks. Since I've started this Kayla Itsine's BBG program, I've decided that Adam and I need some healthier options around. Even though these chocolate chip oatmeal bars aren't the best for us, I'm starting out with this simple recipe.