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  • Express Style Trial

    As many of you know, I am super fond of renting clothes. I love how it adds some variety to my wardrobe while keeping my closet space in a good place. I am one of those strange people that wants a bit of space between each of the hangers. One of the options I have used is Express Style Trial. THE ...

  • The Best Online Shopping Sites

    I’ve been online shopping for a while. It all started when I decided that I no longer wanted to stand in the long fitting room line with a bunch of clothing items in a bag or hanging over my arm, waiting for countless women to “hurry up”. For those that are tired of trying on clo...

  • The Cutest Phone Cases

    As I've stated before, I've got a capsule wardrobe. I'm still loving it, and even wrote about some misconceptions people have. Although I've written some general capsule wardrobe posts, I haven't started diving in deep, giving outfit posts or one of those five-ways-to-wear-a-certain-item posts. Well, here I am now (finally, right?!) to talk about one of the most important things when it comes to building a capsule wardrobe (especially if your style is a bit more minimal, like mine): accessories. So, here are, in my opinion, the best accessories.

  • Three Reasons to Wear ba&sh

    When I rent items from Rent the Runway, I never know how the clothes will fit me. I'm pretty petite; I'm five foot one and wear a zero or double zero, depending on the brand or the type of item, and feel as though my legs are quite short. Some items that arrive are too big in the waist or too long - but whenever I order an item from ba&sh, it fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend their clothing (for those that are willing to splurge on their gorgeous designs) and here are three reasons to wear ba&sh.