Capsule Wardrobe Misconceptions

I’ve been doing the capsule wardrobe thing for a little while now and wanted to share how it’s going. At some point, I’ll begin creating fashion posts that include the pieces of my capsule wardrobe but I’ve got to up my indoor photography game first. I haven’t been able to nail down that best times and, with a whole wall full of windows, ensuring that the shadows aren’t harsh is the first thing I need to do. So, here are some of my capsule wardrobe updates, to include some capsule wardrobe misconceptions.


When I first started out, I thought that it would be difficult to choose the outfits I wore. I thought that I’d feel like I was wearing the same pieces over and over again. However, after the initial struggle, I found that I was able to start creating different looks (even with the same pieces!) and am really beginning to love the challenge. I’m being more creative, seeing the same pieces in different ways, and putting things together that I wouldn’t have considered before.

I can’t wait to share some more fashion shots and posts that feature more than just dresses (I mean, how many different ways can you style a floral dress?). And, one of my favorite things to wear is denim – shorts, skinnies, button-downs. I can’t wait to style them for you all. For now, be sure to check out my Instagram.


While the base of my wardrobe is made of neutrals (black, white, grey, and chambray), I’ve added in pops of color too. The colors that I have at this time are blush, light blue, and pale yellow.

In past wardrobes I had different colors (such as navy instead of light blue) and transition as the seasons change. I also incorporate some of my favorite patterns during each season. In the summer, I’m sporting embroidery, eyelet, and florals and graphic tees. In the winter, I wore textured patterns and stripes.

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Kind of going along with the neutrals thing, some people think that capsules are boring. However, within the normal capsule that you choose to follow (see my essential guide here), you can also build smaller capsules. For example, you can complete a 10×10 capsule challenge during a season or pack a small capsule wardrobe for a trip.

Just like I stated before, colors and patterns can also be incorporated into your wardrobe.

Pairing the pieces together ensures that you aren’t wearing the same outfits – thus, ensuring that your sense of style can still be a part of your capsule wardrobe.


This one is directed at those that have a specific requirement for workwear. When I was working (I just work during the school year), I used to have specific items set aside for the weekdays. I’d wear those pieces during the week and then sport skinnies, tees, and tanks on the weekends.

So, this last little bit is an update as to how this whole capsule thing is going. For those that read the first post, you know that my capsule is a bit different than others. I’m oping to be a bit looser with the number of items so that I can continue my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription.

I’ve switched up how I use it too, opting to rent two items at a time so that I can keep the pieces without a break. Even though a lot of capsules are strict, this is also a misconception.

So, who out there has a capsule?

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