Capsule Wardrobe for Alaska

On our cruise, we’re going to have a small closet, much like we do at home, so I’ll be packing a capsule wardrobe for Alaska. I’m also doing this because of the kinds of items I’m bringing. Sweaters and coats and boots all take up far more room than bikinis, floral dresses, and short shorts. So, without further ado, here are the items that I’ll be packing in my capsule wardrobe for Alaska.


First, we should start with the kinds of items I’ll need on this trip. For those that have read our itinerary, you know that we’ll be adventuring – a lot. I’ll need to pack clothes for hiking and kayaking, clothes for walking around and exploring the ports, and clothes for our nighttime activities, to include dinner and walking around the ship.

On our ship, jeans are not allowed in the restaurants after six, so I’ve got to ensure that I’ve got options for dinner. It won’t be cute, wearing the same two dresses over and over again, so I’m including some pants and skirts, to help increase the options.

On this trip, I’ll be bringing one, large suitcase, a small carry-on suitcase (not available – larger version here and duffel version here), and my Fjallraven Kanken backpack.


The color palette that I’ve chosen for this trip include all the neutrals, like black, white, grey, and denim. The main accent color is blush; however, I also have some pieces that are light blue, navy and red.

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Let’s start with the bottoms. This is always the easiest thing for me to choose and pack. I can always limit myself with bottoms, because oftentimes, they can be worn more than once. And, the first thing that I chose for our cruise was leggings. I’m bringing 4 pair in total, and the ones that I’m most excited about are my 90 Degree By Reflex fleece-lined leggings. I’ve never needed to wear fleece-lined leggings before and am interested to see how much warmer I am in them.

I’m also bringing along three pairs of jeans, including a pair of black skinnies and two denim skinnies (one low rise and one high-waisted, with both being from American Eagle).

When it comes to nighttime outfits, I brought two pairs of work pants, one being these amazing high-waisted black pants from Express. The other pair are black/white striped; I purchased them from a boutique but here are some similar ones. And, as I stated earlier, I’m bringing two skirts (both are super old).


After picking out the bottoms, I went straight for the shoes. I also knew it would be (kind of) easy to narrow these down. And this is what I came up with: I’m also bringing a few coats, including this North Face raincoat, a black Patagonia Nano Puff, and this ASOS Petite Summer Parka. And, since I had some space, I shoved a hoodie in there. Who knows…I might need it.


The next easiest thing to choose is shoes. Plus, if you’re anything like me, and you attempt to pack the suitcase while you’re picking out outfits – you know, just in case – you’ll be able to figure out the appropriate number of shoes you can get away with.

I’m bringing two pairs of waterproof boots, including these from Emu Australia and these duck boots from Sperry Top Sider. I’m also bringing a pair of Nike Air Max Thea sneaks. Other shoes I’m bringing include a pair of pumps and booties; I hope to wear these while on board the ship or on days that we don’t have planned excursions (obvi not wearing the pumps until dinnertime).

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The last thing I worry about when planning a capsule is tops. This was the hardest for me to narrow down, mostly because of the sweaters. Still, with the narrowing down, I ended up with six. I’ve got a few thick ones in various colors: a black/white combo, ruffled grey, and blush. And then, I’ve got a few thinner ones: red/navy combo, light blue, and blush (this one is a bit more like a sweatshirt). And, since I’m supposed to dress in layers, I also packed some tees. Two are long sleeved tees, three are t-shirts, and two are tank tops.

In all honesty, all of the tops were from previous seasons (since we don’t get a long winter in Florida); therefore, none were available. And, since there are tons of links in here already…I didn’t want to add more. I apologize for those that might want a link; but, if there’s ever an item I post on Instagram that you like, please feel free to ask! I’ll provide what I can!

Ok, I’ll go ahead and add the dresses in here. One is floral (it’s blush and is super old), and three are black. The three black dresses are from Rent the Runway and are (in a way) extras. I plan on taking the ones that fit, mixing/matching them with the sweaters and other outerwear.


While I’m attempting to keep the number of clothing items down, I’ve got to bring some work out gear, including sports bras and work out pants.

I’m also taking two pairs of joggers to wear around the ship at night, after dinner (since I probably won’t want to walk around in my mini skirt or dresses at night). Oh, and I’ve obvi got gloves, scarves, and a beanie/hat for those chillier, windier mornings.


Narrowing down the camera lenses that we’re going to take, along with other tech we might want, is another thing we’re having to narrow down. We have a Go Pro, a drone, a camera (and lenses), and laptops. While we know, for sure, that we’re bringing three lenses, it’s so hard to ensure that we have space for everything.

We’re going to have to be careful with all that we’re taking (hopefully I don’t have to trade some clothing for tech in the end!) and ensure that all pieces will, not just be used, but be safe as well.

Oh man, that’s the longest post I’ve written thus far! I guess traveling with a capsule wardrobe is hard (especially when you’re dealing with weather that you aren’t used to!). How did I do? What items would you add or take away?

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