Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

I’ve been working through the kinks of this capsule wardrobe over the past few weeks and, even though it’s not quite perfect, I think I’ve figured some things out. I’m still liking this wardrobe and hope to dwindle it down to even less items. Now that I’ve been wearing items on a more “heavy” rotation, I’ve figured out some of the most basic, capsule wardrobe essentials.

For those that haven’t read my list of spring must-haves, you totally should. Some similar items might come back for this post because, let’s face it, white will never not be on a list of closet essentials.

I mean, who dislikes wearing white? I mean, other than chronic chocolate ice cream eaters.

But we’re not going to start with white; we’re going to start with denim because, let’s face it, we all need denim in our lives. That can be denim skinnies, a denim jacket (which I love), or a chambray shirt.


If I had to choose three things to put in each capsule wardrobe it’d be jeans, a jacket, and a chambray shirt. Wait…didn’t I just mention those up there?

Uh, yeah – because they’re so versatile!

Denim LITERALLY goes with anything. It goes with each color, each pattern, each shape, each style…heck, it even goes with itself! Right now, I have a fitted denim jacket, that I pair with dresses, black pants, and skirts. I like to use it to dress down (if that’s even a real thing) something.

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When it comes to chambray shirts – well…oh man, I can wear these all the time. Right now, the one I have is quite old (and also fitted). I love wearing it with black skinnies or leggings. I oftentimes tuck it into a skirt or cute shorts on the weekends. Once, I wore it tucked into white shorts for the 4th of July. That was a huge mistake. It’s so hot in Florida. What was I thinking?!

I know that some people have tons of jeans. I make sure to have a pair in each style I’m loving. For example, I have a pair of cropped flared, high-waisted, boyfriend, and jeggings.

Now, for those that are attempting to keep a limited number of clothes in their capsule, I’d consider choosing one or two of your favorite styles. You could opt for black skinnies and then just denim bf jeans.

Or go for denim skinnies and white skinnies. You know…whatever your favorite colors and fits are.

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The next essential we’re going to discuss is the ever-necessary white shirt. I have both a button-down and a plain white tee. White shirts can be worn in a variety of ways. Tuck it into pants or a skirt. If it’s long enough…tie it up, making it cropped. This can be done for both button-downs and tees.

I tend to wear my white shirt with just about anything. I’ll tuck a tee into black, high-waisted pants and slip on a blazer for work. I’ll wear the button down to the beach, opting to either leave it open over a bikini or tie it at the waist.

I also love pairing a white tee with black skinnies, pumps, and a leather jacket for a night out in the fall. Ok…white tees are as versatile as denim. But, who didn’t know that already?

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I struggled for a bit, trying to force myself to add something else to this list, but decided against it. If you’re following my guide to the essentials, there’re already a few items in your capsule.

You’ve got a white tee and/or white button-down, jeans…and more. For those that are limiting the number (I always see between 30 and 40), you’ve already “wasted” around six of those items. Gasp!

But, in all honesty, these things are just good wardrobe essentials. They should be in every closet. Are they in yours?

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