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When I was younger, I used to flip through Seventeen Magazine, searching for outfit inspiration; but it wasn’t until I got older, and started spending my own money on clothes, that I really started to figure out what I liked and didn’t like.

I still think I haven’t quite figured out my personal style, because I really like a little bit of everything, but I’m definitely much closer. These days, though, I don’t really spend time flipping through magazines. I follow bloggers instead.

I’ve written a post about this before (read all about that here!) but the longer that I blog, the more bloggers I find and follow. So here’s part two of the bloggers that I follow for fashion inspo.

Michelle Madsen of Take Aim

I’ve posted pictures of Michelle’s style on my blog before, def. under the ootd inspiration for denim and a tee; and this is because I’m obsessed with her sense of style.

Oh and, not to mention, her hair is gorgeous! I obsessed over her messy waves tutorial for days. Even though I use a flat iron, because my curls/waves hold longer when I do, I’ve taken inspiration from her tutorial. And I’ve achieved a decent copy of her signature look.

Anyway, back to her sense of style. I love that Michelle’s style is a little bit of everything – just like me! It’s nice to see a woman be both feminine and tough. Sometimes, she’s sporting a preppy vibe and other times she’s a little bohemian. It resonates with me, her ever-changing and evolving style.

Polina of Polabur

I first discovered Polina as I searched for women that posed with their back to the camera. As somewhat of a perfectionist, I knew that this would be a great way to ensure that I always have content.

Well, Polina was one of the first women that I found. While she doesn’t always post photos facing away from the camera, she does, very consistently, post gorgeous photos.

Quite often, her sense of style is minimal, which has a very special place in my heart. Even when she sports patterned pieces, she tones them down, sticking with minimal accessories to let the statement pieces shine.

Through her travels, she always manages to look chic, all while putting her own spin on classics, like button-downs, gingham, and sneaks.

Leonie Hanne of Ohh Couture

Another blogger that I stumbled upon, during my search for inspo for my back-to-the-camera Instagram feed, was Leonie of Ohh Couture.

Her blog name says it all. This beautiful woman sports and endless amount of couture, all while managing to come across as super approachable and sweet.

She has given me a newfound love for maxi dresses. Her Insta feed is filled with her signature pose (often bare foot on toes); and the gorgeous pastel shades of her seemingly endless vacation has me giving major love eyes.

One thing I love about Leonie? She’s not afraid of pairing sneaks with a dress.

Jaci Carlson of Jaci Marie

 Jaci, although quite a bit younger than me, I’m sure, has a great sense of style. Her beautiful, long hair has always had me jealous (but it’s ok, it’s growing out!) and her sweet personality keeps me coming back.

What I like most about Jaci is that her clothes are “normal” when compared to those of Leonie and Michelle. Although I draw inspiration from their designer wardrobes, I still purchase items from the same stores that Jaci does.

And knowing that I could legit purchase a piece of clothing that Jaci bought comforts me. That’s what I want out of my bloggers – and that’s why I’m focusing on fashion.

Well, there it is…there’s a latest round of fashion inspiration for you.

I can only hope that I’ll be on one of these lists one day…I mean, in like six years, of course. But heck, a girl can dream, right?!

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