the best stores for petite ladies

As a petite woman that has a limited budget for fashion – I prefer to spend no more than $60 on items – I have to manage the task of both remaining within budget while also ensuring that the clothes are of good quality and fit.

Now, even though I discussed the best boutiques in Orlando here, I def. didn’t state whether all of these stores were petite friendly.

Oftentimes, I go into stores and find that extra smalls are not carried or that their smalls are too big around the waist. Even though I know that the clothes will be too long, especially maxi dresses or skirts, I don’t typically expect them to be too big around the waist.

Well, when I step into the following stores, I know that, for one reason or another, I will find things that fit.

American Threads

Ah, American Threads, a store I mentioned in the Orlando Boutiques post. I love this store because of the boho look and feel of their clothing, as well as the length of their maxi dresses (a few of their skirts were a bit too long).

I’ve purchased three maxi dresses from American Threads, and all three are short enough for me to wear flats. This is perfect for the summertime, when I’m walking around downtown, exploring the Farmer’s Market, or wandering through one of the local parks.


With Express’ sizes going down to a double zero, I can always find pants and skirts that fit me. While I doubt I’m a double zero these days – I gained ten pounds since being engaged! – it’s perfect for those petite ladies that need the option of smaller sizes.

I end up purchasing lots of pants for work there, and I purchased the white dress that I wore to my bridal party there. I can’t find it there anymore, but I’d definitely get this Mesh Short Sleeve Capelet Dress.

Plus, there’s also a petites section, for those that prefer to shop there.

Nordstrom Rack

I love going to Nordstrom Rack. I have the world’s smallest feet (size four) and love having the option to purchase shoes that fit me perfectly.

In general, fives aren’t that bad, but they definitely aren’t as good as fours; and for the ladies out there that have super small feet – like me – this is definitely the place to go.

For those that don’t have to go down as far as a four or four-and-a-half, DSW is always a great alternative.

Banana Republic

Of course, Banana Republic has a great petites section, which I use to purchase lots of pants and maxi dresses, but there are also great finds in the “regular” sizes as well.

Just like with Express, there are lots of options in the double zeroes. Their clothes are perfect for work, but I have quite a hard time remaining under budget here. Going to the outlet def. makes it easier.

Of course, there are multiple other stores with petite sections – department stores included – that I didn’t place on this list; these are the ones that I like the best.

For those that are petite, like me, are there stores not on this list that you love? If so, let me know. Comment below!

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