the best boutiques in orlando

As I’ve grown older, I find that I prefer clothing items from boutiques, rather than large, chain stores like Forever 21 or H&M.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love grabbing basics from places like these, and I still love the high-fashion look of items I can find in Zara, but I don’t want a closet filled with generic items that millions of women purchase. I want to look different.

That’s where boutiques come in.

And there are a lot of amazing boutiques around Orlando – some are too expensive for me and others have clothes that don’t represent my personal style – but there are a few that I frequent.


I love taking a day trip to Sophie and Trey (and their sister stores Tria and 4th & Ocean). I’m obsessed with their Instagram and consistently find inspiration in their daily looks.

For those that, like me, like a little bit of everything, this is the perfect place to go. Some of the clothes are perfect for a stroll around Lake Eola while others are great for a night downtown; either way, I always find something here.

And for those looking for items to wear to work, look no further. Tria, their sister store, has a lot of tops and dresses that are perfect for work.


Lauren Nicole is located near Lake Eola, which is close to where I live. Although I don’t frequent here as much as I’d like to (probably because I don’t need them to take all my money!) I love to stop in and look around.

I have quite a few of their basics and am obsessed with their look and fit. Most recently, I grabbed the cutest cold shoulder drop-waist dress. It’s perfect with espadrilles for a stroll around downtown or with wedges for a date night.


Downtown Divas is the newest boutique in Orlando. Located near downtown (obvi!) in a shopping center off of Colonial Drive, Downtown Divas is in the perfect location.

The inside is beautiful. It’s the perfect mix of feminine, with smooth, clean lines that give it a modern feel. I remember this feeling of ease, of comfort, when I walked in. I felt at home instantly, and knew that I’d be back for more.

I pretty much had love eyes for everything in the place. I tried on quite a few items and was happy with the fit for the most part. Although I’m petite, and tend to prefer an extra small, when available, the smalls fit well.


Although this isn’t technically a boutique, and neither is the store that will come after this, I just can’t help but put it on the list.

I stumbled across American Threads when I was wandering around Disney Springs one wintery afternoon. As soon as I stepped in I realized that, if I had to go to one store, and one store only, for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

There is something so perfect about the effortless look and feel of this place that made me want to stay there forever. I’d define it as boho chic, the look that I tend to gravitate towards when I’m not rocking a minimal outfit.


Although Francesca’s isn’t a local boutique either, it’s still a great store (and it isn’t one of those mass-produced, super large, fast fashion stores that take hours to stroll through).

One thing I love about this place: the cute knick knacks. There are always the best little bachelorette or bridal trinkets or little things for moms and sisters. I’m a huge gift-giver and it’s so hard to walk out of Francesca’s without a gift for someone.

For those local to Orlando, and even for visitors, I’d recommend checking out the best boutiques Orlando has to offer.


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