Banana Protein Pancakes

Breakfast: the most important meal of the ENTIRE DAY. I love breakfast, including breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Since I’ve been working on being healthier (I am 30, after all), I was excited when I stumbled upon a banana protein pancakes recipe. I ended up searching for one when I realized I had some super ripe bananas that I didn’t want to throw out. I’ve had banana pancakes before (like the 3 ingredient kind) but had never had banana protein ones. So, naturally, I had to test it out.


During the week, Adam and I manage to sneak in a cup of coffee before we’re off. Ok, I wake up half and hour earlier to snuggle with Charlie (our cat) while sipping on that coffee – but still…we don’t end up eating a real breakfast.

For me, it’s those quick (but still delicious) Belvita breakfast bars and for Adam…I don’t know. I’m sure he eats something at work. His work has snacks waiting for people to grab them from the free snack bar.¬†Good thing I don’t work there.

Anyway, breakfast (or brunch) is our favorite meal during the weekends. Adam makes some amazing breakfast sandwiches (I might have to convince him to write a guest post!) and I’ve always been the queen of pancakes and bacon.

I don’t usually try new pancake recipes, because mine’s pretty solid – and, since I pretty much suck at cooking it’s better to know we can eat them.

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As I stated earlier, I’ve made those three-ingredient banana pancakes before (banana, egg, and baking powder). However, Adam was not begging me to make more. So, I knew I had to find something different, find a way to make them more enjoyable.

The idea of adding protein seemed like the perfect alternative. We have protein powder at the house and I’ve been working out. I mean, was this not the perfect combination?


Adam said he’d give this recipe a solid 5 too! He also said that he’d eat the pancakes again…but that he’d rather me just go downstairs and grab a Starbucks sandwich. I guess it took me too long to get it into his belly – haha!

I hope these 5’s still coming…but I’m afraid my 5’s are usually short-lived. I wonder what I’ll attempt to cook next?

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