Hello and welcome to Dreaming of Dior!

Hi there and welcome to the little corner of the internet that I can call mine!

I’m Jamie Smith, an author, educator, and blogger. I’m in Orlando right now but I’ve been all over the place, living in places like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.

Growing up, I had a wild imagination and I would dream up stories or scenes as I fell asleep each night. I wanted to write them down but would throw them in the trash afterward – it was a kind of release for me back then, a chance to get the thoughts out and then get rid of them. It kind of erased them, letting new and better thoughts rush in.

When I was 24, things changed. I was stranded, stuck house sitting with no vehicle to take me from the seclusion of a week-long job, and I wasn’t much of a tv watcher back then. I ended up writing the first book in The Chronicles of Light and Darkness that week. I published it a few months later.

I’ve published quite a few books since then but, as the novels come slower and slower, I’ve decided to transition; I’m going to write short pieces about the things I love: travel and fashion.

Please stick around – some of it might be boring but I’m hoping most of it’s fun – and, if interested, check out the novels that began this love of all written words.