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Five Things to do in Juneau

Five Things to do in Juneau

Our Alaskan Cruise was one of the most beautiful trips I’ve been on. The Alaskan wilderness is stunning and, with nonstop views, there were hundreds of reasons to walk further into the temperate rainforest, climb a little higher on those mountains, and paddle a little farther in our kayaks. The first post of our Alaska series, though, is going to be about one of my favorite ports of call: Juneau. So, without further ado, here are five things to do in Juneau.

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Three Reasons I’ve Started a Capsule Wardrobe

 I have a small closet – and a husband to share it with. After months of struggling to find clothes amongst the clutter, I’ve decided to start a capsule wardrobe. There are lots of reasons to start a capsule wardrobe, including the ease of locating items in a small closet and the amount of time it takes to choose an outfit (hint: it’s a lot less!), but I’ve got unique reasons for starting mine. Keep reading to discover the three reasons I’ve started a capsule wardrobe.

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Chicken, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Pasta

Since summer's here, and I'm working out in the mornings (rather than having to wait until I get home) I've been testing out some of the recipes that I've pinned. This time, I've got a spin on this date night mushroom pasta with goat cheese, which I found...

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Capsule Wardrobe Misconceptions

I've been doing the capsule wardrobe thing for a little while now and wanted to share how it's going. At some point, I'll begin creating fashion posts that include the pieces of my capsule wardrobe but I've got to up my indoor photography game first. I...

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Chorizo Street Tacos

Well, ladies and gents, I did it. I let Adam choose a recipe. And, after he pretended to ignore me while I called out ideas (including ideas revolving around sausage, watermelon, and cookie dough), he ended up mentioning chorizo street tacos. After telling me all about his former chorizo breakfast hash recipe (that he hasn’t ever cooked for me – how rude!), he informed me that I could find chorizo in those “long sausage packages” at Publix. So, I went out in search of the famed chorizo, pulling some ideas from his breakfast hash in order to make some chorizo street tacos.

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Three Benefits of Taking Photos Alone

Although I still haven’t traveled alone – and I haven’t even ridden on a plane alone! – I ventured out to test out my solo photography skills. Ok, let’s be honest: I went out to practice because, even though I have a tripod, I haven’t actually used it. Long story short…I’m obsessed. So I had to come home and write about the three benefits of taking photos alone.

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Capsule Wardrobe for Alaska

On our cruise, we’re going to have a small closet, much like we do at home, so I’ll be packing a capsule wardrobe for Alaska. I’m also doing this because of the kinds of items I’m bringing. Sweaters and coats and boots all take up far more room than bikinis, floral dresses, and short shorts. So, without further ado, here are the items that I’ll be packing in my capsule wardrobe for Alaska.

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How I Maintain a Well-Balanced Life

Man, I've been writing a whole lot of travel posts (I guess I'm excited about Alaska, huh?!) but it's totally time for a food-related post. While I'm not posting one of my recipes (or a recipe fail, which you haven't had to witness yet, I am posting about...

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Our Alaskan Itinerary

It’s officially June and Adam and I are headed to Alaska later this month! I’m getting super excited to share shots from all of our adventures (to include kayaking, hiking, and exploring different ports) and hope that some of you can follow along. We’re headed to quite a few places on our fourteen day cruise with Seabourn and it’s time to share our Alaskan itinerary.

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Caille Blanc Villa

St. Lucia is a stunning island that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting twice. Even writing this post makes me want to book a flight back. Last June, at the same exact time as this, Adam and I headed there with our families. That trip was one of the most memorable I’ve ever been on because, on June 7th, we got married. The best thing about our return to Soufriere was the stunning residence we rented: Caille Blanc Villa.

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The Essential Guide to Creating A Capsule Wardrobe