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St. Pete Beach Weekend

St. Pete Beach Weekend

I love the beach. I love all the beach vibes and puns; and when Adam and I went to the beach for some much needed vitamin sea (Haha! I’m so punny!), I was so excited. Our quick little weekend trip, to celebrate my sister’s birthday, took us to St. Pete Beach.

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Five Spring Must-Haves

The spring is the best season. I mean, there are florals, pastel colors, lace, feminine dresses, and shorts. Although spring is kind of short lived in Florida, I’ll still be partaking in some of those fashion week trends. But, no matter what trends come in and out, there are five spring must-haves that will never go out of fashion.

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Five Reasons to Visit Orlando

Orlando is an amazing city. I’ve been here for about four years now, and I’ve grown to love my new home. Although a lot of people already come to visit Orlando (theme parks – duh!), I thought I should put together a local’s suggestions and recommendations. So, without further ado, here are five reasons to visit Orlando. 

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Confession: I Love to Cook but I’m Bad at It

Pinning recipes is a favorite past time. I love searching for beautiful cakes, colorful smoothies, and delicious dinners. However, even though I love to browse recipes, purchase cookbooks, and plate items so that it’s pretty, I have a confession: I love to cook but I’m bad at it.

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The Essential Guide to Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

It seems simple, creating a capsule wardrobe; however, I found that it was more work than what I used to consider “wardrobe building”. Before, I’d purchase what I liked and hope for the best. The result was a closet that didn’t work well together. So, when Adam and I started cleaning out some things (because our small closet was a disaster), I decided to commit to a capsule wardrobe. After doing tons of research, I’ve come up with the essential guide to creating a capsule wardrobe.

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The Best Places to Grab Food in Orlando

Orlando is a great town for those that love food. New restaurants pop up all the time (and no, not chain restaurants either!) and, with our foodie scene increasing, I anticipate even more. The best dates, whether during the morning, afternoon, or night, involve food; so, if you’re heading to town for theme parks or for a concert at one of our various venues, I’ve got a list of some of the best places to grab food in Orlando.

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Three Reasons I’ve Started a Capsule Wardrobe

 I have a small closet – and a husband to share it with. After months of struggling to find clothes amongst the clutter, I’ve decided to start a capsule wardrobe. There are lots of reasons to start a capsule wardrobe, including the ease of locating items in a small closet and the amount of time it takes to choose an outfit (hint: it’s a lot less!), but I’ve got unique reasons for starting mine. Keep reading to discover the three reasons I’ve started a capsule wardrobe.

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hi there!
i’m jamie smith.
i’m an author, educator, and blogger.
orlando is my current home.
i love sunshine and theme parks.
i’m obsessed with my cat, charlie.
i’m married to the best man in the world.
oh, and i’m a kaleidoscope.
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The Essential Guide to Creating A Capsule Wardrobe